Steve + Amanda’s

Macro Wedding Rings

Beautiful Outdoor Fall Wedding

A quick, socially distanced, Belle Isle State Park Wedding

Fall Wedding Flowers and Bow | Belle Isle Virginia

  Who says that short, sweet, and intimate weddings won’t give you enough time for amazing photos?! Steve & Amanda’s fall wedding says otherwise !!!

You always hear about having the perfect, photography friendly timeline for a wedding, so there’s plenty of time for amazing pictures.  I think it’s great IF you have time for that! But for our current state (COVID-19) not a lot of people are having these grand full day long, 200+ guest weddings. 

I shot Steve & Amanda’s fall wedding that had roughly 30 people in total the first weekend of October.

The ceremony lasted literally long enough to say “I do”.  This was for my sister-in-law, Amanda, so I did show up half an hour earlier than I needed to, just so she and I could have some “girl time”!  It took her all of 15 minutes to get herself ready, totally jealous of the natural beauty that she is! The entire shindig lasted under an hour.

I took a few minutes to get some detailed shots of the rings, her dress, the beautiful flowers in her bouquet and on the arbor. But aside from that, my main goal was to capture candid moments of what was happening. The entire wedding party consisted of the bride, Amanda, her groom, Steve, and Amanda’s 13 year old son, Danny Ray. While it was Danny Ray’s job to walk his mother down the aisle and give his blessing, it was my job to capture it.

One image in particular that really pulls on my heartstrings is of the moment when Danny Ray & Amanda walked down the aisle to Steve.

I captured the first look, when Steve saw Amanda for the first time in her dress. But I also captured the moment when Steve, looking very proudly, smiled at Danny as they approached him. That’s exactly what the image shows, a proud step father smiling at his soon to be, new son. And I love it! 

bride groom and son at the altar | outdoor fall wedding

Here are some more of my favorites from Steve & Amanda’s Fall Wedding !

Bride Hiding From Guests View | Belle Isle Wedding
Bride-to-be in hiding, and having a hard time hiding how excited she is!!
Son Giving His Blessing
He wanted to be sure EVERYONE heard him give his blessing! 🙂
Steve and Amanda Wedding Kiss
And just like that, two become one 🙂
Steve and Danny Ray Congratulatory Hand Shake After the Wedding
Steve & Amanda Fall Wedding Family Picture
Kaleigh Alyssa Danny Ray formal wedding portrait
But I managed to get just one serious one lol 🙂
Danny Ray Climbing a Tree at Belle Isle State Park
Aaaaand even dressed up at a wedding, active boys, Will. Still. Be. Active. Boys!!! 🙂
Amanda sharing an inside joke with her uncle
I’m going to leave out what’s being said in this image, but it was hilarious!!

Overall, the day was pretty perfect. The weather, the location at Belle Isle State Park, and the food and private gathering of everyone afterward at The Daily in Warsaw. I’m truly happy for Steve & Amanda!!!

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